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Monday, June 29, 2009


My kids are computer maniacs! Both of them absolutely LOVE playing PC games and can spend hours on the computer if I let them. McCullough started on the computer when he was about 2 years old and quickly learned to work the mouse...he could even download software as a toddler! Now he's a whiz and can do things I'd never be able to do. He wants to design computer/video games (the engineering side of them) when he gets older, and I know he'll be great at it. He's so gifted with computer skills!

Siddah enjoys playing Nick and other online games. Most recently I signed her up for a free membership at It is a 3-D land where the child gets to create his/her own character to explore a fun, park-like world filled with age-appropriate learning games. The free membership does not allow the child to visit all areas of the park, but she was able to get a taste of what JumpStart has to offer. She loved it!

Just the other day I was given the opportunity to upgrade my membership, and Siddah has thoroughly enjoyed playing all the really cool games has to offer. She LOVES seeing her character going down the slides, and splashing into the water for a swim! And I LOVE that she sat still to play for nearly 2 hours!!! She was learning all about the alphabet and phonics and was having a blast!

I highly recommend a visit to for your little ones. Knowledge Adventure (the company behind JumpStart) is a wonderful educational company, and they have lots of great learning software for children in addition to their online games. McCullough played MathBlaster in school, and we've owned a few other titles through the years. Maybe I'll host a giveaway in the coming days/weeks for a 3-month membership to In the meantime, check out for yourselves...your kids will love it!

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Back Home and Back On

As guys might have noticed...I haven't blogged in a LONG time. Sorry about that though I can't really promise that I'll do any better with updates from now on. But I'll try. My family and I were in Destin, FL from mid-April to mid-May for my son to have some more hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOT). This was his third time to go for treatments, and you might remember this earlier post.

Our trip went really well, but we were extremely tired of condo living by the end of it. It was really nice to finally get back home...and my house felt SO big! Now that we're back, I'm trying my absolute best to get motivated to finish school. I really, REALLY need (and want) to finish.

So, there you have update for any of you (besides Kelli)who might have been wondering where I've been and what I've beene up to.

I will do my best to post more often, but here are some pictures to enjoy for now. Oh...and Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

Silly Siddah

Sweet Siddah

Cannon Ball!

Shady Sam

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